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The ideal temperature for the water in the Hot tub

Ideal temperature for the water in the Hot tub

Do you have a hot tub at home, or do you want to buy a Jacuzzi, and do you want to know it’s ideal water temperature? That’s, of course, different for everyone, but you can certainly pay attention to it. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about the ideal temperature for the water in the hot tub. The temperature you prefer will vary from person to person. We can give you tips on the water temperature in your spa during winter as well as summer.

A spa; what is that exactly?

A spa is a bubble bath with water. The water in a spa is electrically heated and offers people peace and relaxation. It has fantastic seats and loungers and also have very comfortable massage jets. These jets are good for your muscles and joints. It is not only ace for your body to use a hot tub, but also good for your mood. This way, your stress decreases by staying in a spa.

Spa placement

To achieve the ideal temperature of the hot tub, it’s important to set up your hot tub in an environment where as little heat as possible is lost. You can imagine that in an open space, the heat dissipates faster, and the spa cools down faster. You won’t be bothered by this much in the summer. We recommend placing the spa in an enclosed space or under a canopy to retain as much heat as possible. This way, you can more easily preserve the heat, and the spa is not directly in contact with a cold wind. The temperature of the water is therefore largely dependent on the ambient temperature and external influences.

The perfect temperature for the hot tub in the summer

We all naturally want a high temperature during the winter. On the other hand, we love to use a low temperature during the summer. Your spa can serve as a ‘cooling off’ bath. When it’s 30 degrees, you don’t like to step into a 40-degree bath. The ideal temperature for a Jacuzzi session in the summer is about 37 degrees. Our body temperature is about 37 degrees. As a result, we often find everything that is lower than this temperature is cold. If you step into a hot tub with a water temperature of 37 degrees in the summer, you’ll experience the environment as cool when you step out.

Are you dealing with a heat wave, and do you want to use the Jacuzzi to cool down in the summer? That, too, is possible. Then choose not to heat up the Jacuzzi and make sure that the water is about 30 degrees. You can feel cool down around this temperature.

The ideal temperature for the hot tub in winter

You can enjoy your Jacuzzi in the summer as well as in the winter. When winter starts, the winter coats come out of the closet, and we all grab a nice cup of hot chocolate. In addition, it’s wonderful if you step into your warm bubble bath during cold days. It’s, of course, even more, special when it has snowed lightly. It really gives the most enjoyable winter atmosphere, while you are in the warm water.

Your body temperature is 37 degrees, so it is best to heat the hot tub in winter between 39 and 40 degrees. We don’t recommend higher than 40 degrees. Because it’s not good for your body to be in water that is warmer than 40 degrees. Warm up your hot tub to a maximum of 39 or 40 degrees. This way, you’ll be nice and warm, and there is no risk of burns.

Keeping the hot tub at the right temperature

When you are not using the Jacuzzi for a while, it’s important to keep it at the right temperature. Even if, for example, you are on vacation for two weeks. It costs more electricity to let the Jacuzzi cool down completely and then heats it up again completely than if it’s kept at the right temperature. Purchase a good cover so that you can keep the hot tub at the right temperature even more easily.

We’ve given you tips above about temperatures in summer and winter. Some get warm quickly, and others are really cold. There is no perfect temperature because everyone is different. Some think it’s too cold; others think it’s too hot. It also depends on how long you want to sit in your hot tub. It’s wonderful to step into your Jacuzzi before going to sleep in the winter. Your blood circulation is stimulated, you relax more, and so you fall asleep better.

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