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What are the benefits of hiring a hot tub?

benefits of hiring a hot tub

Scientific studies show that hydrotherapy which includes using spas – can be used to treat many ailments.

Throughout all ages, there have been numerous studies on the beneficial effects of hot tubs. One of the first benefits that have been identified is pain control, which is one of the primary reasons for doing hydrotherapy.

Fun Fact: Hot springs have been used for this purpose, from ancient Egypt to Iceland and Japan to the ancient American tribes.

Body temperature as a starting point

The modern whirlpool with a thermostat and heater keeps the water temperature in the range that provides the most benefit. The body temperature is the starting point for the water temperature. If the water has a body temperature or a little above it, muscles and skin relax, and the heat can penetrate far into the body. If the temperature rises just a few degrees, you start sweating, which can be an advantage in certain situations. If the water temperature drops just a few degrees below body temperature, you start to get cold, and all hope of relaxation disappears.

Did you know? That spa stands for Salus Per Aquam, which means health through water.

The massage from the water nozzles is powerful and increases the relaxing effect that the heat has on the muscles. As water massage takes the water from the tub itself and pumps it around in powerful jets, the cooling is minimal, and the beneficial effect on the muscles is fully maintained. The actual water pressure that one experiences from the hot water also has a beneficial effect.

Good against a variety of diseases

Scientific studies have shown that hydrotherapy – including spas – can be used as therapy for various diseases ranging from arthritis to cardiovascular disease to diabetes. Some of these therapies involve spas, where the temperature can be regulated over a larger area than is the case with ordinary spas. These therapies require medical attention and are not suitable for self-experimentation.

1.      Insomnia

Warm water provides the necessary comfort and relaxation for a good night’s sleep. The water’s heat helps raise the body temperature, relax the muscles, and relieve stress in the body. All of this helps reduce fatigue and help you sleep better at night.

2.      Stress and migraines

Sitting in a relaxing hot tub relieves stress that may be related to headaches and migraines. The calming effect of spa treatments is not limited to physical health. It also helps with mental health. Physical relaxation brings a relaxed mindset that ultimately relieves stress.

3.      Muscle pain

Spas have a relaxing effect on tight joints and muscles, and they can help with blood circulation. As we said, hot water helps the body relax. It also reduces stress-related muscle and joint pain. If you’ve muscle aches that are not related to your physical illness, warm water can help treat your body.

4.      Arthritis

Hydrotherapy can relieve some of the pain associated with arthritis. In addition to relaxing in spas, rheumatoid arthritis can perform flexibility exercises in hot water.

5.      Diabetes

Scientific studies show that regular spas for people with type 2 diabetes can mean reduced blood sugar and blood pressure.

6.      Contributing factor in weight loss

Although it sounds wild, well, then spa can be a supporting factor in weight loss. The reason is very simple. Firstly, there is good heat in a whirlpool, which makes you burn more. Of course, it does not help if you do not also exercise and eat a healthy diet.

7.      Cardiovascular diseases

Hydrotherapy can improve cardiovascular functions, including improving blood circulation in people with cardiovascular disease.

8.      Positive anti-aging effect.

 When talking about anti-aging treats, of course, it is primarily on the face. Hot tubs usually work in the way that they provide moisture to the skin and stimulate your skin cells. In addition, relaxation can have an anti-aging effect in itself – and this, of course, applies to the whole body.

Experts say being in the water also means exercising your heart. Water can surge the volume of the heart by putting pressure on the body. In other words, your heart begins to work harder, which eventually helps you stay healthy.

If you want to experience these miraculous effects yourself, rent our hot tub in Devon and Cornwall.

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